Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tale of Two Tallies


Things are getting hot in the US. Today, an admin assistant sent an dept-wide email saying "this is the last day to register to vote. Register today for this historic election". She later sent an apology, as some one called her on being biased. Heaven only knows which way she was called on it.

I have heard people say "if X wins, I am moving out of the country", for both values of X !


Canada goes to the polls on Oct 14. Canada is currently under a minority government, which is always tenuous at best -- though some say that is a good form of government as it innately encourages balance. I believe that the Conservatives are leading the polls; the media suggests that they will win a (slim?) majority, though this is not clear. If so, this may come as a surprise to those Americans who want to migrate North in the event that McCain/Palin win down here.


PBS said...

Well then it looks like Canada will get some immigrants either way. (If I were president of the US, I would consider adding to Canada's population by letting it annex Wasilla, Alaska.)

oldmanneill said...

gotta love fear-based polical algebra.