Thursday, July 03, 2008

Quick Notes

A belated Happy Canada Day to everyone. Happy 4th o' July tomorrow to the US!

And today, both "bonne fete" to my Mom and also Happy 400th anniversary, Quebec City. This week is the culmination of a year-long festival marking 400 years since Champlain founded New France, Quebec, and arguably Canada.

In other major news, check out the blog over at My Life Geography! Congrats to Karen and Dan....


ps. Finally, I am writing this from Prince Edward Island. I am home on a very short, stealth trip. So email is spotty and blog silence for a couple of days.

pps. It is gorgeous here. Breathtaking and very familiar at the same time. Powerful stuff.


Hegemom said...

Well, while you're there, post some photos, will you please? Love to see how things are in PEI in summer.

Much love,


Jennifer said...

I'm currently reading a novel set in PEI. It sound like such a beautiful place. Though I'm guessing that by now they have at least paved over the red roads (the novel is set during WWI)?

K. said...

Hey - I had my baby on Canada Day! How's that for a celebration for you!

Enjoy your vacation!