Saturday, May 24, 2008

TV Alert

For those in St Louis (and/or the US):

On Sunday morning at 10 am, on the Speed channel, a show called My Classic Car will feature a "British Car Show" from a lil' province called Prince Edward Island.

Woo-hoo! My guess is that it will be down east near Montague. It was most certainly taped during the summer months: probably August.


Anonymous said...

You can check, but my guess that it is in Rustico, probally South Rustico.

Vic said...

I did not see it but I believe it will be at the Cymbria Lions Clubs, near Standley Bridge. The Lions Clubs was an old school. That's where they have the British Car show ever year. The Montague Car show at the Lobster Shanty for all Classics cars. Real ISLANDERS know these things....SAD...Nice try however.....
Your Friend

CaptainCanuck said...

They didn't say where it was, just that it was gorgeous.

I'm sure you are all correct.. There was a church in the background but that is true of every shot taken on PEI.