Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Joy of Physics

My car, Rowdy, was rear-ended yesterday at a red light. No injuries and the car is just barely scratched, which is amazing.

I was turning left and a guy behind me gunned his Mustang into me, from a stop. So there wasn't much momentum but I could not believe how hard he hit me. Headache and a sore neck yesterday aft but fine now.

As it happened, I was due for a 30,000 mile tune-up on the ride, so I took Rowdy into the shop today. They saw no structural damage.

I've seen someone push hard on a fender and dent it worse than the damage left by the Mustang. I just don't understand, but I guess the back bumper may have one of those 5 MPH zones that "folds" in and then back out.

I was quite ready to be confrontational but the guy was sincerely contrite, so I was civilized. No cops, no insurance claim.


Hegemom said...

I'm sorry...did you say no cops? no insurance claim?

Okay, that sound you just heard? That was my head exploding!

It isn't safe to post something like that where even retired lawyers could accidentally read it. Oy! (Pun unintended, but deserved...)

CaptainCanuck said...

re: ??!!

Touche! I have no defense! :-)

I felt silly that I wasn't exactly sure what to do. Especially since I have asked my insurance agent in the past about this same scenario.

Interestingly, I asked 3 people at work and they all offered varying strategies on what to do: cops versus no cops etc.

I realize dispensing legal "advice" on the Internet is probably crazy but I wonder if there is a niche for a blog on "what you should know as a resident of Missouri".