Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thermal Bliss

When in bed, I spend a lot of time thinking about how warm I am (or should be).

My apartment is about 67 F and kinda drafty. The first hour in bed is chilly but then my superhero metabolism cranks the temps way up.

Here is a quick inventory of the top layers:
  • lately, socks and shirt and/or PJs (4 CCTUs)
  • flannel sheet (1 CCTU = CC Thermal Unit)
  • a tightly knitted blanket (3 CCTUs)
  • a dark-blue afghan made by Mom (2 CCTUs but high sentimental value)
  • a down-filled comforter (5 CCTUs). This is the fire-starter. Bought over the Christmas holidays for $100 (down from $250!) circa 1997. Money well-spent.
I don't know why I'm writing this either, but that's 15 CCTUs. Comfy.

ps. I have another of Mom's afghans (tri-colour blue) on the couch. I have spent probably 5% of my life napping under an afghan. I still remember a giant one we had growing up. Green & gold... maybe some orange too.


Binky said...

Well, nobody said you moved for the climate. :-)

You could have stayed here to be cold!

CCTU= Captain Canuck Thermal Unit???

CaptainCanuck said...

hey Binky!

re: could have stayed home. True that.....

Readers, it was recently -17 C = 0 F back on PEI. It will get worse but that's nippy for pre-Christmas