Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Appetite for Construction

St Louis will soon undergo a prolonged (2 year?) shutdown of a major highway: the dreaded I-40.

The town is abuzz with the prospect for chaos in early '08 and general suffering through '09.

For Islanders, imagine that University Avenue or the Stratford bridge were shutdown for 2 years. Wicked.

It will impact me only peripherally (I hope). I have been avoiding 40 for months just on principle.

I only post this because I think I coined the title before anyone else in this town. (hello, Guns n Roses fans).



Chairman Mom said...

Does that make dieting "Appetite for Reduction?"

Anonymous said...

Great reading during a boring workday.

I feel the need to point out that it is not I-40 (Interstate 40 is well south of St. Louis). It is either US 40 or I-64.

Vic said...

You been gone to long. No one drives down the avenue unless absolutely necessary.