Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Phone

After 16 months of living in mobile ambiguity, I finally have a new phone!

I have a snazzy new iPhone 4S via Virgin Mobile. I will be emailing out digits as soon as I figure everything out.

Some tidbits on my decision:
  • I was paralyzed by indecision on writing apps for Android versus iPhone, but realized that the best way to reach users is to have a mobile website. In this way people can browse with any smartphone.
  • I was also paralyzed by choice: there are a zillion Android phones. Apple really makes things easy, offering only 1 model and a few options.
  • I can't deny that the tributes towards Steve Jobs influenced my decision. I had to admit that I really just wanted an iPhone all along.
  • I chose Virgin Mobile with some trepidation. The young lad at the store (The Source) seemed knowledgeable, bright, and honest, and he uses Virgin. We'll see how this goes...

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