Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Just Get Through This

The last major hurdle for The Big Move is taxes. Unfortunately, it is going to be pretty crazy.

I thought I found an accountant I could trust, and so I sailed through February and most of March, blissfully assuming I could pay for his expertise with a sense of comfort. Alas, I was dismayed when told that he is not licensed this year for US tax returns. Information that might have been useful in freaking February.

I spent 2-3 weeks trying to find another accountant, looking like an idiot who leaves things to the last minute. I finally found one who specializes in cross-border stuff, in Washington state (!). Now, it is so hectic that I am making basic mistakes.

I just ransacked two abodes whilst looking for a tax return from last year, thinking last year was 2010. Of course "last year's" documents are marked 2009. Heaven help me.

I remember thinking last summer, "if I can just get through June". Then, due to the writing assignment, "if I can just get through February".

Now, it's getting through April.


Bratty Duke said...

You do know that you can just file for an extension on your US taxes, right?

CaptainCanuck said...

Hola! Yep, though it isn't apparent in the post, I've been advised on that by my New Hire. I don't own a printer or a scanner so (in a small town) even easy deadlines present a challenge.