Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I haven't mentioned a lot about Christmas, but it was lovely. A nice haul of stuff as well, without concerns about how to get it on an airplane.

Again this year, someone in Africa received a gift in my name, through World Vision. This year, it was a micro-loan. Perfect, sincerely.

I've also received several gift-cards to various eating establishments. I frequent these places often, but even more now that I'm covered.

Lots of books and clothes as well. I'm currently reading one: Bill Bryson's At Home. Highly recommended and I've just started.

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K. said...

We just returned from our Christmas celebration. We opted to skip the day-of Christmas craziness, the prices that are jacked up and the stress. We waited until January and enjoyed our time so much more. Plus everyone else wasn't crazy so they had time to meet and play with us.