Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Shop

This weekend, some people and I ran into a lovely store in the CWE in St Louis.

Simply called The Shop, the store offers a nice variety of scarves and knit hats, mittens, etc. The owners were really nice and offered us chocolates and wine even though we didn't buy anything. I told them I would tout their store on my blog as thanks.

It is at McPherson and Euclid, next to the old Balban's (which is now Herbie's). Check it out for some great holiday gift ideas.... Note that they are a transient, seasonal store so this post is time sensitive! They will be gone in Jan 09.



Jennifer said...

Wow--Herbie's been busy since you got your new set of wheels!

K. said...

Very cool - a local shop that caters to the season and moves on to the next place that needs them. I love it!

CaptainCanuck said...

re: Herbie. ha ha! who knew that he would retire and open a dining establishment?

(For newbies, Herbie is a beloved Mazda Miata that I owned for 11 years)