Saturday, September 20, 2008

Patriotism and Doughnuts

Hegemom forward me this article about an academic doing research on Canadians and their beloved Tim Horton's.


Here are some tasty extracts from his work. "In Canada, the doughnut is widely believed to be the unofficial national food. Expatriate Canadians speak of associating a trip to the doughnut shop with returning home."

Keen readers will recall that I went to Detroit earlier in the month for visa stuff. As the Canadian border guard put it, I was a "turnaround": I drove into Windsor solely for the purpose of a U-turn and applying for re-entry into the US.

I did make one stop however: no joke, I went to Tim Horton's.


Vic said...

However, I bet you didn't get a Doughnuts, did you.
Hardly anyone eats Doughtnuts anymore. They are hardly even have any. There more muffins and sandwiches now.
All the said, most people only get coffee.

CaptainCanuck said...

Actually, I did get some Tim Bits (doughnut holes for the uninitiated).

It is true though: Tim Horton's is more like Starbucks than Krispy Kreme these days.

Vic said...

For Gods sake, post something new...Anything, stupid or otherwise.